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An easy walk to a megalithic site in the Pyrenees: the Cromlechs of Mail de Soupène. These ancient Neolithic funerary tombs open onto a unique panorama of the Luchon valley

his easy walk leads to a megalithic site emblematic of the Neolithic Pyrenees: the Cromlechs of the Mail de Soupène. These are funerary tombs located at an altitude of 1300m facing the wonderful Luchon valley.

Access (by car) : Montréjeau > Luchon > direction col de Peyresourde > direction col de Balès > Benqué dessous > chapelle dessous

Starting altitude: 1000
Summit altitude: 1370
Difference in altitude: 400

Time to climb : 2h
Descent time : 1h

Direction : North
Marking : yellow and red

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